Outfit Reveal!!!

First off… I’m sorry it’s been so long since I first said I ordered an AG outfit!  This whole blogging thing doesn’t come very naturally, so I clearly need to get better about consistency. 🙂

Now to the post!  Here’s a little recap-

I told you guys I was getting a half-price outfit from AG.  I gave you three choices to see if you could guess which one I got.  Here are the votes each outfit received:

-Coconut Cutie Outfit: 3

-Starry Hoodie Outfit: 0

-Double Bow Dress: 3


It actually came a few weeks ago, so it’s time for the grand reveal!!!!!  I got….







It came with the hoodie (say what???), pants, flats, and headband.  🙂  I absolutely love each item!  The funny thing is… nobody guessed it.  😛

Here are some more pictures of Alex wearing it 🙂


We ditched the headband… ^  I don’t think it matches, but I still love it! 😛



These “Go Girl Sunglasses” were also half-price!  They’re my favorite sunglasses that AG has made, so I was really happy to get them- and the white goes with almost everything!




This one ^ looks like I messed with the color/lighting… but I didn’t  😀



There you have it!!!

I will work harder to be back soon.  I have a new game I’m planning for the blog!


Have a super weekend :)))






12 thoughts on “Outfit Reveal!!!

  1. Hi, Julia! My dolls finally started posting on their blog again, if you’d like to check it out. Here’s the link: journaloftwodolls.blogspot.com

    By the way, I love that last picture of Alex. So cool. 🙂



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