The Winning Doll… and a Name for Her?!

Hey there!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already!  Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who voted!

Ok, the results are in… winning with 5 votes (to her competitor’s 2) is…….. *drum roll*


#65! Congrats, dolly!  😀  And congrats to those who voted for her :)))

But wait!  There’s more!  We have to name her!!!  Tell me in the comments what her name should be.  In one week, I will select my two favorites from the names you gave, then you guys will have one week after that to vote on the final choices!

#confessiontime – Mom informed me that I repeatedly spelled “brunette” wrong in the last post…  whoopsie daisies!

Anyhoo, thanks again for voting! Be sure to tell me what her name should be!  You can give as many or as few suggestions as you so choose #freecountry

Happy dolling,

Julia Grace


17 thoughts on “The Winning Doll… and a Name for Her?!

  1. I think she looks like a Chelsea or a Brianna (only because it is my favorite girls’ name, and I think every doll looks like a Brianna ;)).


  2. Oops, I commented on this (and on your other posts), but I don’t think my comments made it through! Would you mind checking your spam folder and seeing if they are there and un-marking my IP address as spam or something? For some weird reason, a lot of my recent comments weren’t posted on a lot of different blogs, so I’m commenting from a different computer and seeing if it works. 😛
    Anyway… What a beautiful doll! I think a few great names for her would be:
    This is super fun, Julia! And I love that #freecountry hashtag. ;D

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  3. What about: Taylor, Karlie, Mary, Reese, Faith, Demelza, Eleanor, Ava, Mia, Verity, Elizabeth, Julie, Bailey, and Riley. I hope you like my suggestions😊

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