Outfits Compete: Historical Halloween Costumes!

Hey!  It’s time for another outfit competition!

My family doesn’t typically do much for Halloween, because of the nasty stuff that’s often apart of it, but seriously, who doesn’t love to dress up???  (That was a rhetorical question.  Please don’t tell me you hate dressing up.  :P)  Marie and Erica have both gotten all decked up in 1850’s costumes.  These are original Marie-Grace outfits from Ameican Girl.  🙂

Let’s take a look!  Here’s Marie costume…




… and here’s Erica’s costume!




Here are a couple bonus pictures of them having fun dancing.  😛  #gobigorgohome



Lol! So… who’s outfit do you like better?!  As usual, I will post the winner in one week.  Kudos to Lizzy (http://journaloftwodolls.blogspot.com) for the idea to do this post.  🙂

Question time…

What do you do for Halloween?  What’s you’re favorite thing you’ve ever dressed up as?  Marie’s bracelet wasn’t an original part of the outfit… how do you think it looks?  Is it horribly obvious that these pictures were taken on a bench?  😛

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend,


+Julia Grace+


P.S.  I did get my doll outfit from AG, so I’ll try to post that soon!

P.P.S.  To those of you who are following me and also have your own blog, I haven’t figured out a good, system yet for keeping up with everything, so I’m sorry if I’m not following your blog very closely in return.  But thank you for supporting me and I’m gonna try to get more organized so that I can keep up with your blogs as well.  🙂


The Winning Church Outfit IS…

Bello! (Does anyone else say that all the time…?)

It’s been a week since I posted “Which Church Outfit,” so it’s time to see who won!

Meg!!!  Her cute outfit was the unanimous winner!!!  Here it is again 🙂


Thanks to everyone who voted!

Should I do more things like this?  What would you like to see more of?  How  can I be more creative with my posts?  I love getting feedback!


God bless,



…Folks, I present to you…

Miss Maeve Eliza!!!!!!!!!!!


This has been fun! Thanks so much to everyone who has participated throughout the whole thing!

Do you think I should do more continuous games like this, or do you prefer the stand-alone posts?  Do you enjoy voting on stuff from the AG website more (like this), or my own stuff with my photography?  Thanks again!  I’ll be back soon!



Which Church Outfit?

Hey you guys!  I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

Today is Sunday, my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day we set aside to honor and praise the Lord (we should do this every day, but it’s also good to have special time set aside for it 😉 ) and a fun part of that is wearing something nicer!  Katie and Meg are both wearing pretty church outfits!

Take a look at them and vote in the comments for which one you like better!

Do you like Meg’s outfit…


… or Katie’s outfit?


Let me know what you think!!!  In one week I’ll announce the winner who got the most votes!

“Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.” – Hebrews 2:12

TTFN (ta ta for now!),


P.S.  Here’s a bonus photo just for fun! 🙂

What did I Get???

Hey there!

I’m so excited!!!!!!  Last week, I ordered an outfit from AG that I found for half price!  It should be here any day… but I’m not gonna tell you what it is yet.  You have to guess!  Here are the choices!



A: Coconut Cutie Outfit



B: Starry Hoodie Outfit



C: Double-Bow Dress


There you have it!  Tell me in the comments which one you think I’m getting and you’ll find out soon!





The Winning Photo!

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a week since I posted “Getting Artistic with Alex!” so now it’s time to see which photo got the win!  Ready?


#1 got a total of three votes.  😀  It was a close one!  Thanks so much to my voters!

More fun coming your way soon!


Time to Choose!


It’s been a week, so I’ve chosen my two favorite names for AG’s TrulyMe #65 from all your comments!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated!!!  The name choices are…

  • Taylor
  • Maeve Eliza (Maeve rhymes with brave, pave, grave, etc)

You have one week to vote!  Can’t wait to see what it’ll be!




P.S.  I accidentally said “angel” instead of “angle” in my last post.  Sorry for any confusion.  XD


Getting Artistic with Alex!

Hey peoples,

I hope you’re having a super Thursday.  While we wait to find out what #65’s name will be, we’re gonna take a look at what I’ve been up to and get your feedback!

I love taking different pictures of my different dolls in different outfits with different backgrounds, but sometimes I just want to do something, well, different.  I’ve been trying to get more artistic with pictures by using angels that are… different!  I’m gonna show you two recent photos of Alex and I want you to tell me which one is better!

#1… DSC01232.JPG

or #2DSC01402.JPG

It should be interesting to see what you peoples say, because I have no clue which is better, or worse.  😛

In one week, on October 13th, I’ll announce the winning picture!

God bless,


The Winning Doll… and a Name for Her?!

Hey there!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already!  Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who voted!

Ok, the results are in… winning with 5 votes (to her competitor’s 2) is…….. *drum roll*


#65! Congrats, dolly!  😀  And congrats to those who voted for her :)))

But wait!  There’s more!  We have to name her!!!  Tell me in the comments what her name should be.  In one week, I will select my two favorites from the names you gave, then you guys will have one week after that to vote on the final choices!

#confessiontime – Mom informed me that I repeatedly spelled “brunette” wrong in the last post…  whoopsie daisies!

Anyhoo, thanks again for voting! Be sure to tell me what her name should be!  You can give as many or as few suggestions as you so choose #freecountry

Happy dolling,

Julia Grace