Which New AG Doll?

Hey there!  It’s time to get started on the fun!  AG has two new Truly me dolls, so let’s take a look…


#65 is very pretty!  A lot of AG’s “red heads” are actually more strawberry blonde, so I love that her hair is darker.


#66 has the Josefina face mold, instead of the overly-used Classic mold, which makes her a little more unique.  Her eyebrows are a slightly different shape, too!

Both of them have a fairly common hair/eye color combo, so I think AG could keep getting a little more creative, however, they are gorgeous dolls!

Now tell me which doll you like better!  I’ll take a vote over the next week to see which of these two is more popular.  Comment “red” to vote for #65, or “brunet” for #66.  The results will be up on October 4th!


Julia Grace


First Blog Post!

Well hi there!

I’m thrilled to have this blog up and running!  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  This is a place where you can play, voting and guessing on all American Girl doll stuff!  To find out more, visit the “about” page.  You will also see you can meet me and my dolls.  🙂  I hope you stick around for the fun!

In Christ,

Julia Grace