Going Places 1


I went to an evening party last week.  I’m so happy it’s fall!

The picture for this post didn’t turn out as planned.  Anyone know what that’s like?


Julia Grace


P.S.  Today is the one year anniversary for Fun and Game AG.  🙂


My Dear People,

We’ve reached autumn again.  The leaves are turning bright orange and soon there will be a sweet wind on my face when I walk outside.  God’s love and power is ever strong and I’m so excited to keep living life for Him and with Him as my guide.  I know every day has it’s trials and dark places, but take a moment to see what God has done and go share that love with the world.

“There’s some good in this world… and it’s worth fighting for.” (-Samwise Gamgee)

Happy Hobbit Day.  And Happy autumn.




Julia Grace

Going Places?!

Hello world!  Not only am I actually here, but, as you may have noticed, I’m in the middle of giving my website a little bit of a new look and over all refreshment.  Wait.  There’s more.  I’M STARTING A NEW SERIES OF POSTS.  It’s gonna be simple and I’m really excited about it.  It’s called: Going Places.


Simply enough, Going Places will use my dolls to illustrate the places I’m going.  That’s all there is to it!


Stay tuned folks. Going Places 1 is coming very soon.


Until next time,




P.S. The featured photos were taken by me two years ago!

Springing to Summer

Good morning!  So these are photos I took of Carrie last month… it was spring but it feels more like summer now… hence the title.  😛  I’ve added some song lyrics to make it a little more interesting:)

DSC03010Everyday that I wake up, open up my eyes

I see the dawning of the day and I’m mesmerized

I feel the air that you give make a home in my lungs

And I know that my miracle has just begun

I feel alive like the first time I fell in love

And I can do anything that my heart dreams of

I say goodbye to the fears of my yesterday

Saddle up, grab the reigns of this tidal wave

Time flies

Yeah, we only get one life

Yeah, whatcha gonna do with it?

Here’s the link for the rest of the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj6YFtKdcJk

Thanks guys!

Julia G

Philippians 4:13

I’m Here!

Hello world!!!

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, after a few months I thought I was done with my blog.  Long story short, I’m not!  I was just thinking about it recently, partly inspired by others… so here I am.  I have these lovely dolls and I’d like to do something with them.  🙂  That being said, I’m not sure where to go from here.  I won’t necessarily be around that much, but I want this place to be enjoyable for me and you.  I need your help!  Please comment and tell me what you want to see on here.  Do you want me to do something I’ve done before that you liked, or should I try something completely new?  I could talk about latest AG stuff… maybe even try a photo story… Just let me know anything you think of!  I’ll look at your ideas and choose something based on popularity and my abilities.  😀

Thanks so much to each of you for following me.  It means a lot and seeing that is what brought me back around.

I was gonna post a few photos I took of Carrie recently, but that was gonna take longer and I want to get this out and not keep putting it off.  So instead, here’s an old picture I found of Katy 🙂


I hope you’ve had a beautiful winter and spring.  God is good.  “I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think You’re like, but I’ve heard the tender whisper of love in the dead of night, and You tell me that You’re pleased and that I’m never alone.”



Outfit Reveal!!!

First off… I’m sorry it’s been so long since I first said I ordered an AG outfit!  This whole blogging thing doesn’t come very naturally, so I clearly need to get better about consistency. 🙂

Now to the post!  Here’s a little recap-

I told you guys I was getting a half-price outfit from AG.  I gave you three choices to see if you could guess which one I got.  Here are the votes each outfit received:

-Coconut Cutie Outfit: 3

-Starry Hoodie Outfit: 0

-Double Bow Dress: 3


It actually came a few weeks ago, so it’s time for the grand reveal!!!!!  I got….







It came with the hoodie (say what???), pants, flats, and headband.  🙂  I absolutely love each item!  The funny thing is… nobody guessed it.  😛

Here are some more pictures of Alex wearing it 🙂


We ditched the headband… ^  I don’t think it matches, but I still love it! 😛



These “Go Girl Sunglasses” were also half-price!  They’re my favorite sunglasses that AG has made, so I was really happy to get them- and the white goes with almost everything!




This one ^ looks like I messed with the color/lighting… but I didn’t  😀



There you have it!!!

I will work harder to be back soon.  I have a new game I’m planning for the blog!


Have a super weekend :)))





Outfits Compete: Results!!!

Hey!!!  I’m finally back with the results from “Outfits Compete: Historical Halloween Costumes!”  The winner, with five votes, is…






Erica!!!  Here she is again in her fresh pink outfit.  🙂



I’ll be back soon!  Thank you so much for your time, votes, and support!!!


Keep smiling!


Outfits Compete: Historical Halloween Costumes!

Hey!  It’s time for another outfit competition!

My family doesn’t typically do much for Halloween, because of the nasty stuff that’s often apart of it, but seriously, who doesn’t love to dress up???  (That was a rhetorical question.  Please don’t tell me you hate dressing up.  :P)  Marie and Erica have both gotten all decked up in 1850’s costumes.  These are original Marie-Grace outfits from Ameican Girl.  🙂

Let’s take a look!  Here’s Marie costume…




… and here’s Erica’s costume!




Here are a couple bonus pictures of them having fun dancing.  😛  #gobigorgohome



Lol! So… who’s outfit do you like better?!  As usual, I will post the winner in one week.  Kudos to Lizzy (http://journaloftwodolls.blogspot.com) for the idea to do this post.  🙂

Question time…

What do you do for Halloween?  What’s you’re favorite thing you’ve ever dressed up as?  Marie’s bracelet wasn’t an original part of the outfit… how do you think it looks?  Is it horribly obvious that these pictures were taken on a bench?  😛

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend,


+Julia Grace+


P.S.  I did get my doll outfit from AG, so I’ll try to post that soon!

P.P.S.  To those of you who are following me and also have your own blog, I haven’t figured out a good, system yet for keeping up with everything, so I’m sorry if I’m not following your blog very closely in return.  But thank you for supporting me and I’m gonna try to get more organized so that I can keep up with your blogs as well.  🙂

The Winning Church Outfit IS…

Bello! (Does anyone else say that all the time…?)

It’s been a week since I posted “Which Church Outfit,” so it’s time to see who won!

Meg!!!  Her cute outfit was the unanimous winner!!!  Here it is again 🙂


Thanks to everyone who voted!

Should I do more things like this?  What would you like to see more of?  How  can I be more creative with my posts?  I love getting feedback!


God bless,



…Folks, I present to you…

Miss Maeve Eliza!!!!!!!!!!!


This has been fun! Thanks so much to everyone who has participated throughout the whole thing!

Do you think I should do more continuous games like this, or do you prefer the stand-alone posts?  Do you enjoy voting on stuff from the AG website more (like this), or my own stuff with my photography?  Thanks again!  I’ll be back soon!